Adam and Becca’s Valentine’s Day Bash – Video Blog

This is the moment you were supposed to be waiting for, that is, until you got sidetracked with your experimental meatloaf surprise that turned into a house fire.  I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now.  I’ve been up late for the past two weeks.  I’m sleep deprived and bordering on hallucinations.  Despite all that, I’m jacked to the max.

This.  Is.  Killer.    

Any over/under bets on YouTube page views after today?  It’s gonna go viral, watch.  It might even threaten to boot a couple unfortunate quacks off the Academy Award nomination deck.  I’m serious.  My guts are usually pretty dead-on.

Enough babbling.

Behold, Adam and Becca’s Valentine’s Day Bash:

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Enjoy your Sweetheart if you’re lucky enough to have one.  ❤

-Happy Blogging  \m/


  1. talesfromthemotherland

    I’ll say it again: you two are smoking hot together! Fucking great video guys! And Adam, duh… it wasn’t a mask, but sunglasses. In the still frame/photo, your glasses looked like a Lone Ranger mask. And the Oscar goes to….

  2. alienredqueen

    Fuck chocolate? Sorry, instant enemy! lol. I love chocolate! Who doesn’t like candy and flowers? That’s like saying you like to kick puppies!
    But seriously… Adam, love the Hunter impression! Your accent is surprisingly good…

  3. anitadesignstudio

    Haha, very good Adam. Although considering the eyes are the ‘window to the soul’ I’m slightly peeved that I wasn’t able to see yours!! Take those sunglasses off homeboy!!

    • Adam S

      Word! Thank you! It was so fun to put together. I’m sure there will be a shit ton more coming. My head is exploding right now, Becca’s too. Keep your eyes peeled \m/

  4. SocietyRed

    What a freaking talented duo!
    You guys did not disappoint; you’re pretty much the dream team!
    When Becca goes nomad I’m guessing the motor city will be one of her first stops!
    Well done bitchmiesters.

  5. lillianccc

    Now THIS is one celebration of Valentine’s Day I can not only wholeheartedly stomach but also wholeheartedly support. Thanks to both of you for redefining what the day is all about!

    • Adam S

      Amen sister, and Thank you! Actually, I’m a big time sap when it comes to Valentines Day. You’d prob never guess…seeing that I act kind of douchey most of the time…

    • Adam S

      Thank you! It was so fun to put together – totally different than what we normally do. Editing isn’t my forte, but I love doing it. That was the first actual project that I got to do without someone pussying out on me. Becca’s a trooper, and an excellent partner in crime. I agree, the bar has been raised!

  6. Celeste Smith

    oh my god you two are hilarious…adam you got the voice DOWN…and that friggin fly swatter…I laughed my ass off. FACT!

  7. Tom (Aquatom1968)

    Hi Adam! Just called by to watch your’s and Becca’s video once again, just in case you’ve added some deleted scenes or director’s commentary or anything, but it’s still the same… still great! It looks like that saki’s got a kick!

    • Adam S

      Tom, thanks for dropping by! I have all kinds of stuff leftover that didn’t make the cut. Stay tuned for the next episode, it’s gonna be a good one!

  8. Edward Hotspur

    Fucking fuckity fuck, that was fucking fucked! Fuck yeah, I fucking loved that fucking shit! It must have taken a lot of fuc,king planning and editing and shit like that to get this all laid out and how you liked it. I loved this fucking shit! Fuck yeah.

    In closing, Fuck!

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