Jack’s Encore Presentation

Boo-ya \m/

Boo-ya \m/

Well, it’s official:  Jack the Stepcat is now an internet celebrity.  Conversations with Cats, or Jack rather, earned Chowderhead a Freshly Pressed Badge over the weekend.

However, the Blue Ribbon came with a pretty steep price tag of one clearance rack Ottoman, one box spring, one overpriced comforter set, 3 rolls of paper towel, 12 cases of Coors Light,  4 cartons of cigarettes, 2 bottles of aspirin, one king-sized roll of antacids, and 6 bottles of All Purpose Cleaner.

Thanks, Jack.  You little litter box stain…

Anyways, since all of the crazy cat people are still lingering, and because Jack is such an approval whore, like me, I think it’s only fair that he steps back into the spotlight for an encore performance.  Hit the lights.


– Back to Litter Box Duty, Chowderheads.  \m/


  1. Jean

    Sure, you got freshly pressed with Jack. Pretty cheap to play the kitty card. Just like on America’s Funniest Home Vids, the kids and the animals always win the $10,000. Who could have predicted it? *yawn* Oh yeah . . . Everybody! I have two dogs and a bunny and you don’t see me capitalizing on them for my own conceit, do you?

    Okay, okay. Congrats are in order. Again. The cat is cute, I’ll give you that. And the video above? Hilarious. You made me late for work again, you prick.

    • Adam S

      Yeah, no shit! God that drives me nuts. But, if you met Jack you’d realize that he is a special little fuckwad. He’s seriously cool. He’s a spaz, but he’s cool. Besides, I’m Rollin’ with Bob Saget so it’s all good. \m/

      Thanks for checkin out the video. Generally speaking, I think people look at videos on here with disdain. Lighten up ya’ll!

      P.S. you need to stop hittin’ the snooze, yo!

      • Jean

        I’m a visual learner, so bring on the videos and pictures! Yeah, lighten up. Geeze.

        P.S. The snooze is not my problem. I gotta raise the volume of my music.

  2. alienredqueen

    OMFG! That was hilarious. “Fun governor.” LOL. I love the “hhhuuuhnn” sound when you pick him up. But now you see what I have been on about with my cats. YOU WILL SEE. MWAH hahah. Methos is ALWAYS trying to escape…he’s not as casual as Jack about it though.

    But…will you please cool it with the FP and let the rest of us poor schmucks have a chance? 😉

    • Adam S

      Dude, thanks a ton! Glad you watched it. That was a lot of fun to make and there are gonna be a ton more. I have so many ideas right now. Take some footage of Methos and send it my way. Maybe I can hook up a video?

      In closing, I have a back door deal with WordPress. It’s a “paid upgrade” \m/


  3. anitadesignstudio

    I can’t believe you were Freshly Pressed AGAIN!!! Actually, I can. I’m angry and resentful at hearing this news but also delighted for you ‘cos you know, you rock ‘n’ stuff. AWHHH, I wanna be Freshly Pressed though!! ME!! NEETS!! You’re so selfish at hogging the Freshly Pressed accolade!! No but seriously well done; you deserve it. I mean, TWO??!! Really??!!! Why don’t you just BUY WordPress or something…Nooooooo, I’m better than this…I can be genuinely happy for someone else….I can. *drags her sorry ass across to the opposite side of the room to retrieve the biscuit that she hurled at her TV upon reading that Adam was Freshly Pressed AGAIN* Congrats homeboy 🙂

    • Adam S

      Hahaha! Too funny! Thanks a lot, Neets. I appreciate the huge compliments. Wait, is Neets a new nickname that I’m not aware of?? I wrote it down. \m/

      I’m going to write up a post eventually with all of the people that I think deserve to get pressed. You are one of them. Fo Sho.

      • anitadesignstudio

        You are welcome my wee mucker!! We’re ‘friends’ now, right??! So that means I can refer to you as my ‘mucker’, right? Well, can I????!! Neets is indeed my nickname (it isn’t new; I’ve been called Neets from about the age of 9). But ONLY people in the circle of trust can know my nickname…guess that means that not only have you taken your rightful place in the Freshly Pressed Hall of Fame, you are also now officially in the circle of trust….oh, I guess that includes your 15,487,232.78 followers….oops.

      • Adam S

        We are friends now that I’ve been accepted into the coveted “Circle of Trust”. Now give me your social security number. I’m not a Hall of Famer though, people just like cats, I guess??

  4. Ambre Neuser-Gajewski

    I don’t know why, but that was the highlight of my day. Laughed my ass off! Nice job with that one. My boss is a crazy cat lover…think I’ll show him this to win me some points at work! Thanks Adam!

    • Adam S

      Dude, thanks so much and you’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that, seriously. Your comment is the highlight of my day! Send it to all of your crazy cat friends because daddy needs a new pair of shoes and Jack is running low on kitty litter..


      • Ambre Neuser-Gajewski

        It totally worked too! My boss loved it, reminded him of a story about one of his cats that we laughed over. Promotion here I come, all thanks to you!!! You are gonna have to make another one now, you do realize that right? Too funny to stop at just one! I’ll post on FB and email…lets get that cat something to pee on!

      • Adam S

        Hell yeah! It’s always a good thing when the man or woman in charge has a sense of humor. You know, if that promotion comes through, my birthday is in November. Hint hint. I like expensive watches, even though I own zero. Hint HINT!

        I really appreciate you sharing it. For only being two days old, it’s doing pretty damn good on YouTube! \m/

  5. becca3416

    Reblogged this on 25ToFly and commented:
    Somehow I knew Jack would become a viral sensation before me. Sigh. Live it up buddy, but if I catch you doing cocaine off of some stripper I am calling this whole thing off.

    • Adam S

      He’s a trip, that little dude. I can feel him kicking around under the bed right now as a matter of fact. In three days he will have made his way into the mattress.

  6. calahan

    The night vision gag was awesome. Ha.

    Even writing about a cat gets you FP’d, imagine what writing about a dog or, say, a giraffe would get you. You might win the Pulitzer!

    Congrats, Adam. 🙂

    • Adam S

      Thanks, Mike! A Pulitzer is probably not in the cards, but I will commence writing my giraffe post this weekend.

      P.S. how’s the Twinkie post coming along? I’m stumped. Haven’t heard back from Chris yet, and I’m not really sure how we’re supposed to write it?

      • calahan

        Chris said there was no word count or style to adhere to, so I suppose just write what you want and see what happens. If you want, we can go over each other’s pieces before submitting just so a second pair of eyes gives them a once over. 🙂

  7. Katie

    I can’t believe I missed it! Anyway, I read it now, and it was hilarious as always. And now, I’m jealous of a cat. Wouldn’t be the first time…

  8. Kevin

    The only problem with the cat video is that it disrupts my work day and then my son has to drop everything to watch the cat video. We are never going to get any work around here. I’m going back to bed.

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  10. Rose Slone

    Seriously funny. I can see you two following in the footsteps of legendaries like Laurel and Hardy. Jack & Adam. Or, should it be Adam & Jack? You two can duke that one out.

    • Adam S

      More like John and Garfield. I swear, this cat has a personality like none other, as was demonstrated. He’s all over the place. One minute he’s reading the paper, the next minute he’s doing back-flips off the ceiling fan?!

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