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Movember Montage

Submit your stash pics!  See details below!

I’ve never tried to grow a ‘Stache before, so I had to do a quick Google search to make sure I was doing it right:

Step 1.)  Don’t shave.

I was surprised at how easy it is, as you can see in the first photo!  And since it’s that easy, and because of what it represents, I think it would be cool if you tossed your razor in the garbage and sat on your hands for the next couple of weeks, Chia Guy!  


Because the people that are leading the Movember cause are all playing a part,  free of charge, in helping to better the odds that your Grandpa, Uncle, Dad, Husband, Nephew, Neighbor, or Little Guy, won’t have to face an ugly prostate or testicular-related ordeal at some point in their lives .  We all have one of those personal stories to tell, and all of them suck big eggs.

Don’t just blow past all of the related articles with your hands stuffed in your pockets; stop.  Have a read, and take 30 seconds of your time to put something positive back into the world.  It’s a great cause, and even a small donation would help. 


How cool would it be to spit coffee all over your screen that you put in your mouth with an Official Chowderhead Mug?

You can put coffee in this thing!

Alright, so as you can clearly see, my Hulk Hogan ‘stache is pretty bitchin’, but I’ll bet a few of you can do a whole lot better without having to fill in the thin spots with an eyeliner pencil.  So, I’ve decided to give away some Chowderhead coffee mugs raffle-style to three lucky mustache-owners that take the time to drop their name into my baseball cap.

Here’s how it works:

1.)  Grow or fabricate a sweet mustache.  Ladies, you’re included too.  Improvise if you can’t grow one, and be creative about it.  Buy a fake mustache, use a mop head, your cat’s tail – I don’t care.  Just make ’em good!

2.)  Take a picture of your sweet mustache.

3.)  Post the image URL in the comment section of this post, or email it to me at

4.)  “Like” the Official Bloggers for Movember Facebook page here.

And that’s it!  

I’ll be donating $2.00 to the Movember Campaign for every picture that is submitted, and everyone that joins in will get their name tossed into a hat for a chance to win a mug.  Winners will be selected on Friday, November 22nd, and the contest winners will be announced along with all other participant photos in a post on Saturday, November 23rd.  

**Contest Update:  The total fundraiser amount for this contest will be capped off at $200.  However, if the fundraiser limit is reached, all pictures submitted beyond the $200 amount will still be eligible to enter the drawing.

If you’d like to get involved in helping to support the Movember cause, don’t wait for someone to ask.  Just do it.  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, and don’t be shy about linking back to any of the sites listed below.  If you’d like to make a donation, please click here.

Also, be sure to click the following links for more Movember Contests and Giveaways:


Sips of Jen and Tonic

Brother Jon

The Life of JWO

– Please Help Support  \m/ovember, Chowderheads

Well? Do it.


  1. becca3416

    Reblogged this on 25ToFly and commented:
    Dude, what a great way to get people sharing their Mo pics! Go visit Adam (aka The Chowderhead) today and participate in his rad contest. Don’t have money to donate to Bloggers for Movember? This contest is great for you, because Adam is going to donate for you. All you have to do is snap a shameless selfie!

  2. @iamtomnardone

    Hello Adam,
    Interesting you spoke of mustaches and mugshots. My friend and i were going through this dollar magazine of all the newly arrested people in our community. I saw a pattern that i thought i would share with you. We counted all of the people and then divided the number of people who had goatees, beards or mustaches. We determined that of all the people arrested in Greenville, an astounding 87% had some type of facial hair. There must be something to this. Great post sir and i am thinking of a mustache photo.

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  4. Chowderhead

    This is my soon to be brother in law taking selfies in the drive thruline at Tim Horton’s probably. Please pull ahead if your order is correct on the screen, and also if you have a porno ‘stache.

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