On This Day in Pop Culture History The Captcha Was Born

What do you do when the only thing standing between you and a Gmail account is Captcha? You fold. And then send a letter via snail mail…

The topic of Internet Security is hotter than a pancake these days.  Hacker outbreaks are occurring now on almost a weekly basis, and every time it happens, everybody scrambles around changing all of their personal passwords from ‘password’ to ‘123456’.  Smooth move.

Unfortunately, many online hosting sites feel very differently about Internet Security, and after determining that having an Alligator tied to every computer in the world wasn’t a very cost-effective solution, the Captcha was born shortly after on this day in history.  It now serves and protects the honest citizens of the world from malicious computer-using robots…

Every time I try to open up a Gmail account I feel like I’m in a fucking Dan Brown novel, while I’m staring at some mangled ball of punctuation marks and Greek letters.  Half of the characters in these things aren’t even on my keyboard?

Thankfully, I have a friend who…

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    • Chowderhead

      ‘Enlightening’ might be a stretch, but I’ll take it. Thanks for the compliment, sir. I’ll send you an official thank you letter tomorrow.

      ..you should receive it sometime around next Christmas.

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