Lady Gaga Featured on the Cover of Vanity Fair

Today on Long Awkward Pause:
On This Day in Pop Culture History: Radio Gaga
*fart sound*

One year ago today, the infamous beef-humping Lady Gaga graced the cover page of Vanity Fair.  


A non-reputable and overpaid media source heralds Gaga as one of the world’s most popular icons in Music and Fashion today, but poll studies show however, that the entire continent of Africa disagrees.  

When asked, the same anonymous source revealed that Gaga was genetically stitched together in a test tube using DNA samples taken from Cher, David Bowie, and a cigarette-smoking chip named Lulu.  The derived synthetic sperm was injected into a Silly Putty Egg to incubate for six weeks, and hatched inside a young Chicago resident’s Easter Basket later that year.  

The singer was eventually captured with a fishing net by a Hazmat official and was shipped to Las Vegas in a wooden crate where she went on to win the World Series of Poker.

No confirmation of the integrity…

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