Want a Free Banner Designed for your Website?

Howdy, Folks!  Remember me?

It’s so weird posting articles here.  It’s like walking through the old office that’s been hollowed out, and seeing a bunch of ghosts from years past standing around the water cooler having conversations.  Everything is starting to look a bit neglected.  And look, there’s even a thin coat of dust on all of the upholstery and empty keg barrels?

*wipes tear*

Anyways, I’m here to announce something very cool today:

The Chowderhead Banner Design service doors are now open to the public!

I finally graduated from the University of Microsoft Paint!  Just in case you don’t remember how shoddy my Photoshop skills were at one point, have a look back HERE.

In the meantime, because I’m trying to build a sweet-ass portfolio, the first 25 people to contact me about having a wicked new banner designed for their website or blog will get it done for this one-time, low, low price of absolutely free.  Well, almost free.  If you mention me or any one of my websites, social media pages, or services on your blog, we’ll call it an even swap.

Here are a few examples of some fresh designs that I came up with:  (images are hyperlinked)

Graphic Design Banner

New CH banner 2 - Copy

Official Mashup Banner

Linkedin Banner

Emily Banner  Really Good FinalDelilah Banner

Rachael black banner - NewAlien Banner FUCKING FINALAA Forringer FinalAA Banner Final

Blather Bubble Banner

living dead girl bannerWAOT NEW FINALARQ Banner New 2LAP Banner

RFL - Banner

alien final

New Amy Banner - Final        Hot Chick Logo

Sendek Painting Flyer - CopySEO Prodigy Final

Over the Line Banner copy

Facebook Badge


Random Fun Fact:

Did you know that Chris De Voss was originally cast as Dorothy in the movie, The Wizard of Oz?

Chris De Voss

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! They’re spying on me again!

But I like him better as a flying monkey:

Chris "The Boss" De Voss

Nice pajamas, dude…

Unfortunately, not everything I’ve ever done turned out this cool.  The whole venture began with a banner design request from fellow blogger bud, Amy Reese, who is currently in the process of transitioning sites right now, which you can read more about HERE.  Anyways, she contacted me about a month ago and asked if I would create a banner for her new site. 

Here’s how it went down:

Conversation with Amy

TRANSLATION:  “Dude, I said I wanted it to look like Madonna – not one of the Olsen Twins after a three week Meth binge.  You’re fucking fired.

Yes, I know, Amy.  *headslap*

Anyways, even if you’re just a casual blogger, a little ‘curb appeal’ goes a long way in attracting readership.  Tricked out websites are really fun to look at, and I’d be more than happy to help out by putting the right half of my brain to work for you.

If you’re interested, drop a line in the comment section, or, Tweet me, or Facebook me, or send a personal email to adam_sendek@yahoo.com.  Ask for Adam.

Rock on!  \m/


    • Chowderhead

      Awesome! I look forward to chattin’ about it, Rachel. I need you to include a few things in the email:

      1.) The title/text you want on the banner
      2.) Photos that you’d like to use, or a description of the images you’d like featured
      3.) A link to a font that you dig

      Talk to ya soon!

      • Archie

        Wow… Hmmm. My blog is subtle and personal. Being art retarded, translating the title ‘soulsez’ into a banner is lost on me 😦
        I wear glasses, read a lot, go camping, ride motorcycles, beat all the boys in ‘Mario’ (open challenge you guys) and write from the heart. Oh did I mention I’m head over heels in love with my husband and we hail from India.
        Does that help at all? (Please imagine an awkward smiley here)

      • Chowderhead

        Ok, so, do you want to incorporate any Indian Cultural elements into the design? Or, do you want a collage-type spread? I mean, there are a literally a million different directions we could go in, seeing that you have a wide variety of interests. I guess what I’m asking, is how do you want to market yourself? How do you want your written material to be perceived?

        Use descriptive words like, fun, deep, playful, satirical, intense, edgy, raw, etc. Those help me pick out the elements to feature, because then I can get a better picture in my mind of how you want to present yourself.

        Don’t feel awkward either – this stuff is really fun for everybody involved! 😉

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    I still have no idea what I want so I am not entering for a free banner, but I will happily spread the word of your venture 🙂

    • Chowderhead

      Dude, I can whip something up for you in 30 minutes or less with minimal direction. Just give me a few descriptive words – words that describe what you’re looking for. ie. Trashy, edgy, retro, professional, clean, etc.

      Let’s chat! Oh, and thanks for the plugs \m/

  2. The Bumble Files

    Ha ha! Adam, make me look, you know, like Madonna! Oh, look at all the interest here. You’re gonna have your hands full. Me first! Best of luck with your new venture. Anyone would be so lucky to have banner crafted by you.

    • Chowderhead

      That was seriously pretty funny. I was laughing about it after the fact – a literal headslap…

      And thank you! It’s gonna be a lot of fun – something I’ve always wanted to do. Send over your requests via chat whenever you’re ready.

  3. blatherbubbleblog

    Adam, Just saw my new banner on my laptop and I’m LOVING the banner!!!! I thought it was great when I saw it on my cell but that wee peek was nothing compared to what I’m looking at now. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! You truly kick ass!!

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  5. jonapluswords

    Wow, I never thought about it, but it would be pretty amazing. I found you through Delilah and that banner looks amazing. Great work. If you still like to give one away. If not still great to have found you 😉

    • Chowderhead

      Yo! Thanks, that was a simple one. I’ll do a simple one for you too, and if you really wanna get nutty with it, I’ll get nutty with it. But if I get nutty with it, then we’ll have to talk about a price. Sound good?

      What ya got in mind?

  6. Pixie Girl

    Great idea, I hope you do lots of cool stuff 😉 I’m still hanging on to my red polka dot shoes, but will keep that in mind for any future projects!
    Hope you’re well x

  7. RFL

    Reblogged this on A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It and commented:
    Hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s Day. I’m sharing some love here today as well. If you’ve ever wanted a face lift for your blog header, check out this post from Adam and the bad ass banners he’s already created around WP. I highly recommend hitting him up, especially if you are Photoshop challenged like myself.
    He’s a cool CAT–creative AND talented, and he’s done some great work already.
    Go see for yourself!

  8. R. C. Black

    Damn. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Okay, I was a bride twice. Last time The Bride of Frankenstein.
    Okay to the point: am I too late? Looking for a surreal theme. What else?
    Let me know if I’m still in the bridal party to cheer on your other artistic renditions, or am ready to set up a registry at Loved To Death. Thanks Adam, and I’m digging the banners you have created so far.

    • Chowderhead

      Ha! Thanks, Rach, and no, you’re not to late. You’re just in time! Describe ‘surreal’. I want to do some alien shit, I’ve been thinking about that. And most of these banners are fairly simple, and anything that I can whip out fairly quickly is free. If you want some crazy stuff – something that will take hours and hours, then we’re trending into the ‘I need to get paid for this stuff’ area.

      What you got in mind? How can I help?

      • R. C. Black

        Funny you should mention aliens.. If you’ve ever seen Buckaroo Banzai you’ll get a hint to why I named the blog YoYo-Dyne. As a rockstar, genius and all-around Woman-About-town myself, I feel as though Buckaroo is a long lost brother. Gimme your best Lectroid, maybe a keyboard (my specialty) or musical slant, and a creepy font. Or, a font reminicent of of YoYo-Dyne ala BB. Take a look at https://www.facebook.com/pages/YoYo-Dyne-Propulsion-Systems/203710882975349. Sure it LOOKs like your average FB page, but in reality it is my Blue Blaze Irregular site, devised somewhere in a bunker far below Reno. There’s a YoYo-Dyne logo -for which I am surely breaking a copyright law.
        We all gotta work somewhere. It’s tough being the Queen… and CEO. And rockstar. And scientist.
        Okay gotta run.My turn to fill Stephen Hawking’s feeding tube. The bastard always has a hard time with London Broil.
        p.s. I too use PhotoShop as the devil’s playgound. It will be a blast seeing your rendition. Thank you my friend!
        ~John BigBoobies

  9. samara

    Yo Chowderhead!
    Nice to meet you – now that you’re giving away FREE stuff and all…
    Actually, I found you through the post about the blog alliance,which I’m trying to slither my way into.
    I actually had Rara do my blog redesign, but we never finished the header – which was supposed to be a junky beat up car in a really posh neighborhood.
    Something like that.
    Do you think she would be insulted if you did it, instead?
    You’re funny, btw. My site gets blocked at EVERYONE’s job. And I don’t even want to tell you the number one search term that comes up all the time (slut mom, huh????)

    • Chowderhead


      What’s poppin? Yes, the free stuff brings everybody running to the doorstep haha, but that was the the point. Anyways, glad we could connect, and thanks for the props. You’d have to ask Rara if she’d be offended. I wouldn’t be offended if I made one for you? If you want one, just gimme a few more details and I’ll put it on my list!

      Let me know \m/

      • samara

        What brought me to your doorstep was the blogging alliance-
        What attracted my attention was the free stuff-
        What’s holding my attention are these great fucking posts.
        I love the rock star thingey. Does anyone else do it? Cause I’ll totally do it, but not if old dudes are doing it.

      • Chowderhead

        Very cool, and thank you thank you — I’ll be here all week! To my knowledge, nobody does the rock star thingy, and if somebody is, then I’m also not aware if any old dudes are doing it or not. But, you may do it here. You’re encouraged to do it here. Fucking do it or else!

        Just fluffin’ your pillow 🙂 Ok, how about this as a banner:

        Let me know what you think, and what you’d like changed. \m/

  10. samara

    Wow- can I get her NUMBER?
    That’s hot- and I love it. But maybe not what I’m going for? (well, yes, what I’m secretly going for).But I have to draw in a respectable crowd now. The number one search term for my blog is “slut mom” and that bothers the crap outta me. I wrote a children’s book review for Valentine’s Day, for shit’s sake!
    What Rara and I started trying to do was to find a really fancy city background, and then put a junky car driving in it. I can send you the pics of the junky cars we found.
    \m/ here’s to pillow fluffin’

    • Chowderhead

      Shit, I was thinking the same thing. Yes, no prob. It’s a draft, and it rarely works the first time. Yours has been the hardest one yet because of the size of it, and the pictures. Send over the pics and I’ll do up another one, but describe what you’re looking for – how you want it put together to give me a mental picture.

      The pillow has been fluffed \m/

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