Note from a Fan aka Mortimer Schnub

On Long Awkward Pause we have a contact page called “Talk to us Here” that people can use to send requests asking us to write something specific or to answer group questions, or to request nude pictures from us, or to offer us bulk penis enlargement pills at low costs; but once in a great while, we get something really endearing that’s totally worth sharing.

I thought I’d pass on this note that was made out to Chris “The Boss” De Voss from a fan of the site.

Mortimer Schnub

Hi Christopher,

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for liking my post “The Amazing Niles Munster” on my website/blog Strange World With Dr. Mortimer Schnub. It took me a while to get this thank you out to you but better late than never.

I was about to quit, until my wife of 25 years, Michelle (who helps me type up the posts and puts everything together for me on the site and whom I am nothing without (can you tell she’s typing this email as I’m dictating to her? (She just wanted to make sure she gets her props)) pointed out that you liked the post and that you are a professional writer and well known in the humor blogging community, and that you started a joint blog of humor bloggers. So I have not given up hope that maybe in some small way our site will take off. I know it’s not the regular blog type site, so it will take longer to develop a following, but this has really given me a little more confidence to keep writing and posting. It’s not everyone’s taste but I am old school, my formative years were spent watcing SCTV, Saturday Night Live (the orignal cast), Monty Python, “the early funny” Woody Allen flicks and reading National Lampoon.

Thanks again and if you want to throw me another bone please follow the site as well.

Anthony Cortez (aka: Dr. Mortimer Schnub)


I’m not sure what your story is, Mr. Anthony Cortez, but you rock for leaving a cool ass note like that.  Chris shared it with all of us through email, and it made me smile.  Thanks for rocking and good luck with your venture.

If anyone is interested in showing this dude a bit of support and giving him a few comments to read, you can visit his site by clicking HERE.  I won’t beg you to visit, but I was just thinking back on the first day of my “blogging career” and wondering if anyone would ever read my shit.  They did, but a lot of people helped get to that point.

I think I’ll pay it forward now.

Rock On, Dr. Mortimer Schnub!  \m/

P.S.  Chris De Voss is technically a “Semi-Professional Writer” – just wanted to clarify.  Oh, and he still confuses ‘their’ and ‘there’.  Oh, and one more thing: he, misplaces commas too.


  1. NotAPunkRocker

    I remember you leaving one of the first comments on my first blog way back when*…happy to share the blog love 🙂

    *I have a really good memory for random things; I am not a creepy stalker.

  2. StrangeWorld

    Wow! My wife and I are both floored by this…We appreciate the fact that real pro’s (or semi-pro’s) have given us a shout out. We truly were not expecting this kind of response. It was tough putting my stuff out there since I mentioned in my note I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. But this has already turned the fire up on it. I’m kind of scared now because this means I need to keep churning out more stuff and faster than ever, but I think it frightens Michelle (my wife) even more since she has to find all my spelling and grammar error’s (the faster I work the more error’s she has to fix). Michelle say’s it’s time for me to take a typing class.

    Thanks to you Chowderhead, Chris and everyone else. I will be perusing all of your blogs this evening, and responding to any comments.

    -Anthony Cortez (aka: Dr. Mort Schnub)

  3. Amy Reese

    Very cool, Adam. I will check out his blog. You guys are famous! Chris “The Boss” De Voss. Ha ha. Who can argue with that? He really is the boss with that title. It’s his destiny.

  4. Sean Smithson

    Hey man, you’re a proper stand-up guy. That was fucking cool giving the Doc a shout out like that. And I just saw your comment on his About page with the offer of a free banner… I’ve got a lot of time for you man.

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