Grab a Badge

Here’s the procedure if you would like to add a badge to your site:

Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets>Drag Image Widget to Sidebar>Right Click on Badge Image>Copy Image URL>Paste URL in Image URL box



  1. floridaborne

    I can’t decide between the conversations with cats badge or free psychic readings. No, wait. I might go for the lazy bastard badge. So much too choose from, so little thyme. Where did the spice of life go? Is that a My BAID (My, but alas I digress) badge?

  2. R. C. Black

    I dunno Adam. Working as a professional (unprofessional?) musician for many years gives me a negative connotation for Groupie. Unless it’s served with lemon and capers. Shit, that’s Grouper.
    Okay, there’s a reason for being married or having a BF: Instant Roadie!
    So I’m asking for your help in choosing a badge.Perhaps I’ll be able to grab a contributor badge at some point. Better checking the Mystifying Oracle…

    ~Some Rocker in Reno

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