Conversations with Cats

Conversations with Cats

Mike Calahan:  International Man of History

I’d Like my Cable Guy Shaken, Not Stirred

The Curious Art of Vaginal Knitting

Made For TV Porn!


Conversations with Cats

Conversations with Dogs

Jack the Cat’s Encore Video Presentation 


Testing the Integrity of your Local Psychic 

Get a Free Horoscope Reading

Paranormal Housekeeping 


The Sleep Deprivation Challenge

The Sleep Deprivation Challenge

Chowderhead’s Official Sleep Deprivation Olympic Challenge

Sleep Deprivation Challenge:  Day 1 Results

Sleep Deprivation Challenge:  Day 2 Results

The Sleep Deprivation Challenge Ends 


5 Notorious Lines I Always Get Stuck Waiting In 

Case Study: Yahoo Answers


Failing at Fotoshop

Hypothetically Speaking…

Still Speaking Hypothetically…

Coping with iPad Addiction


Last Minute Gift Ideas for that Lazy Bastard on your Christmas List

Making Constructive Use of Political Yard Signs 

5 Creative Ways to Avoid Small Talk 


Failing at Fotoshop

Failing at Fotoshop

The Steven Seagal School of Chiropractic 

Grab a Tissue Because it’s Time for the first Inaugural Roast

Adam and Becca’s Valentine’s Day Bash – Video Blog




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