my-right-to-bitch-main-photo1.jpgWelcome to the shit show, Folks.  My name is Chowderhead, and I will be serving as your maniacal tour guide here.

This site is a playground designed for adult children of all ages.  Approximately 98% of the material that you’ll find here is complete nonsense, and the remaining 2% is up for debate.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I pull a trick out of my sleeve for your viewing pleasure, and occasionally invite a guest writer in to match wits with me.  I interact with everyone that stops by.  Don’t be shy.

Grab a cold brew, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the show.

Rock Star Salute.




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  2. The Bumble Files

    Adam, I love it! Love the new look…you’ve done a lot work here I can tell. Well done. Sharp writing. I like the new name. It’s definitely easy to remember, it’s catchy and it’s got an edge to it.

    • Adam S

      Dude, thank you, Amy! I think it’s really cool that you commented here for some reason. I like your curiosity, I think. Chowderhead is gonna be a household name soon. In my house for sure. Maybe other houses too.

      Keep an eye out! \m/

    • Adam S

      A Chowderhead by definition is a dolt, or an idiot. I’m neither one of those, so it’s sort of like a light-headed slam against myself. Kinda like dunce cap. Ya dig?

  3. Gray Dawster

    Hey you can waive the five bucks I am here as a guest, well a sort of busman’s holiday after reading your introduction. Yes I think that I will enjoy touring your website, crunching the numbers, zapping the pages and showing my Zombies around 🙂

    I think that sometimes one loon is enough, no not you I am referring to myself here, well if you ever rap on my gates and enter, sit by the tombstones, kiss a few banshees and watch a video or three of mine then you will instantly recognise what the hell I am waffling on about 🙂

    Okay enough said, I like your Space dude, and I will be calling back. How do you mean how did I get here in the first place? Well you have Tom Merriman to thank and so do I my friend. Have a fantastic rest of Sunday and a wicked week ahead, oh and watch out for the snarling Werewolf he nips more than he bites but it still stings like hell 😦 lol


    • Chowderhead

      Andro, I am a little late responding. Approximately four months late. I’m not sure how I missed this, but I do feel like an ass if that makes you feel anymore special here? It should. I hope this is working.

      Thank you for the compliments. Your zombies are welcome here. I have coffee and tea, and malt liquor – which is your preference? Will Tom be needing a cup of something too? Did you bring anything to eat? I have leftover lasagna. Help yourself. Don’t be alarmed by the smell in the fridge. It’s perfectly normal.

      Welcome aboard, my half living mother from a different brother! I mean, brother from my aunt’s cousin! Or something! Hello!


      • jaklumen

        \m/ Do I get extra credit for sticking my tongue out? Wait, nah, I’d better leave that to the missus, she’s got more of a Gene Simmonesque tongue.

      • jaklumen

        What shall the sentence writing be?
        1. “Remember that Gene Simmons cannot sing”
        2. “Remember that Gene Simmons is creepy, because Julie Brown said so”
        3. “Ace Frehley has a creepy laugh”
        4. All of the above

        Blasphemer? After my chalkboard duty and sentences for life, will I get burned at the stake? I’ll smell bad, but I’m fatty enough those flames will probably roar for a while. Not to mention that I will probably smell like hamburgers.

      • Chowderhead

        Congratulations! You made the honor roll this semester! Free parking for life! Collect $200! Pick whatever sized stuffed animal you would like from the wall over there! Pizza party! Free Beer for life!

  4. anntogether.com

    Hey Chowderhead,
    I was telling my big son about your blog. I was saying how cool your blog is – just like the dude behind its curtain. And the big son asked if you cussed a lot (he’s 13 and asks questions relentlessly) to which I responded, “only when he has to son.” I closed the conversation with the big son saying, ‘when my blog grows up I’d hope it’s as hip.’ You rock, Chowderhead. And completely awesome graphics by the way. You deserve to skyrocket upward sir…

    • Chowderhead


      I think that is probably the coolest thing that anybody has every shared with me. Thank you so much, I very much appreciate all the props. Salute! \m/ And I absolutely love your very calm, very understanding explanation to your son about the carefully placed fucks, shits, and bastards around here. I’m glad somebody is noticing this finally. I love you already, and our relationship is so young here. Only good things can happen from here on out.

      Thanks again, AM \m/

      P.S. And tell your son to keep writing cool shit (<–see what I did there?) Hip in action. And also explain to him to get a really good job first, because this is not making me and many of us a dime…!

      • anntogether.com

        I just spit up my coffee you funny Chowderhead. Yes, the giant husband and I are working on both the daughter and the son to do well in school (they’re both quite brilliant, so far), take their vitamins (those gummies are just like candy), be good humans (who may curse when it’s needed, ’cause who the hell am I kidding), find fantastic life-affirming jobs (now this may take a while), procreate (at the appropriate age – I’m cringing now) and blog when they’re at a good mental place (which won’t be ’til they’re at least 40). I’m so very clever, I can’t stand it sometimes.
        blog on funny and oh, so very brilliant Chowderhead!
        And all I said about your brilliance isn’t bullshit – (I cursed for you, my blog bro)

      • Chowderhead

        Blog sis, I think my cheeks are going to start on fire right now. Thanks for the love. I didn’t realize that writing about farts and beer could have such a positive impact on the world, and I am delighted by this. (I knew this niche would work!)

        Keep it real. We will be in touch, and I’m eating my gummy vitamin right now, so don’t fret. 🙂

  5. MamaMickTerry

    Hi CH,
    Hopped over from Hook’s interview this morning and find that I’m “hooked” on your writing already (sorry, bad pun…I really am better than that).
    Can’t wait to see more of your “shit show”

    • Chowderhead

      Michelle, thanks so much for visiting my shit show! We’ll call it ‘our’ shit show, because this is a collaborative effort. Keep the bad puns rollin’ \m/

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